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Sharing Design Details in High-Elasticity Sportswear

The key to sewing techniques lies in the combination of thread, stitching methods, and the human element.


The connection between sewing thread and sewing techniques is tight. High-quality sewing thread can reduce broken needles, skipped stitches, lower needle temperature, and minimize needle holes. As widely discussed, Coats thread from the UK is favored by many top yoga apparel brands for its antibacterial, soft, and durable qualities. On the other hand, Liuqing thread, known for its higher cost-effectiveness, is also well-regarded by many mid-to-high-end brands.

Stitching Methods

The quality of garment sewing techniques depends partly on the thread and partly on the stitching methods. The variety and complexity of stitching methods are vast. The choice of stitch type depends on the design, the number of fabric pieces, and the configuration method. For example, commonly used by our brand clients are the three-needle five-thread and four-needle six-thread methods.


Three-Needle Five-Thread:Also known as flatlock stitching, this method uses three needles and five threads, resulting in a thicker and more textured seam. It is typically used on the shoulder seams of swimwear to create a prominent seam effect.

Four-Needle Six-Thread:This method is widely used in yoga wear, swimwear, underwear, and dancewear. With four needle stitches and six threads, the resulting seams are tight and flat. For instance, yoga pants often use the four-needle six-thread method to ensure a snug fit. By sewing different fabrics together, this method enhances comfort during wear. Of course, these are not the only common sewing techniques; each has its unique application scenarios and advantages. Choosing different stitching methods also affects the cost of the finished garment, so careful selection is necessary.


The Human Element

Finally, the indispensable factor in sewing techniques is the human element. Experienced seamstresses are the hallmark of a supply chain. In our decade-old brand processing factory, we work with many seasoned craftsmen. They have their standards for garment quality, respect the craft, and strive for precision. In summary, the quality of sewing techniques depends on these three core factors. Many brands are also exploring the small but beautiful details behind the products.

We hope today's sharing helps designers optimize their blueprints and achieve design innovation. At the same time, it allows brands to better understand the supply chain. Every stitch and thread has a story behind it!

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